The Mass Incarceration Lab for Undergraduates (MILU) is a year long research experience for Vanderbilt students.


Students in the Lab enroll in a 3 credit course in the Fall and Spring semester of the academic year.  Capped at 12 participants, students work in groups to develop research questions and use Dr. Anoll’s novel dataset – collected in the Spring of 2017 – to produce original research suited for publication as short articles, in newspaper circulations, or in policy journals. Through this lab experience, students develop social science research skills and put them to use in answering pressing policy and public opinion questions.


Participation in this lab is through application only. For 2017-2018, applications are due on April 3, 2017.  If accepted, students will enroll in PSCI 3891 (T/TR 11 – 12:15) for the Fall semester of 2017.

You will receive confirmation of your application submission within a few days of applying; if you do not receive confirmation, please write

Apply for the MILU Lab here.


Please contact Dr. Anoll at