References and Recs

Each year, I receive a number of requests to write letters of recommendation and serve as a reference for students seeking jobs, internships, graduate programs, and study abroad opportunities. To help me keep better track of these requests, I’ve put together a list of steps for students who need my help with this.

Step 1: Ask me! Before putting me down as a reference or signing me up to write a letter, please be sure to send me an email or stop by my office hours and confirm I feel like I know your skills and strengths well enough to serve as a reference. In an ideal world, I’d like you to do this at least three weeks before your deadline.

Step 2: Give me the info. Complete an entry using my google form links (below) for EACH opportunity you want me to help with.  So, if you are asking me to write letters for five different internships, you’ll need to complete this form five times. If I am writing a letter of recommendation for you, please complete this form at least two weeks before your deadline.  If you need me to serve as a reference, please complete this form by the time you submit your application.

Step 3: Remind me. One week before your letter of recommendation is due, please email me and remind me of the upcoming deadline.