Winner of the Robert H. Birkby Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Vanderbilt’s Office of Housing and Residential Education Faculty Partner of the Year Award, Stanford’s Centennial Teaching Assistant Award.


[1] Participation & Political Representation in America (undergrad) | Syllabus | Course Evaluations

[2] The Politics of Police and Prisons (undergrad) | Syllabus | Course Evaluations

[3] Race and Racism in American Politics (grad) | Syllabus | Course Evaluations

[4] Introduction to American Government and Politics (undergrad) | Course Evaluations

[5] Mass Incarceration Lab: Research Design and Analytics (undergrad) | Course Evaluations

Other Institutions

[6] Politics and Public Policy | Stanford’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

[7] Democracy and Incarceration | Prison University Project, San Quentin Prison

[8] American Creed and American Vote | Hope House Rehabilitation Center

[9] Politics and Public Policy | Stanford University | Teaching Assistant

[10] Justice | Stanford University  | Teaching Assistant

[11] Teaching & Learning in Higher Education | Stanford University | Teaching Assistant