Winner of the Robert H. Birkby Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2019), Vanderbilt’s Office of Housing and Residential Education Faculty Partner of the Year Award (2018), Stanford’s Centennial Teaching Assistant Award (2014).


[1] Political Participation and Representation America (undergraduate) | Syllabus

[2] The Politics of Police and Prisons (undergraduate) | Syllabus | Course Evaluations

[3] Introduction to American Government and Politics (undergraduate) | Course Evaluations

[3] Mass Incarceration Lab: Research Design and Analytics (undergraduate) | Course Evaluations

[4] Race and Racism in American Politics (graduate) | Syllabus | Course Evaluations

Other Institutions

[4] Politics and Public Policy | Stanford’s Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

[5] Democracy and Incarceration | Prison University Project, San Quentin Prison

[6] American Creed and American Vote | Hope House Rehabilitation Center

[7] Politics and Public Policy | Stanford University | Teaching Assistant

[8] Justice | Stanford University  | Teaching Assistant

[9] Teaching & Learning in Higher Education | Stanford University | Teaching Assistant